Established in Malaysia in 1989, Tay & Partners is a full service commercial law firm with offices in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. We serve the legal needs of a wide portfolio of clients both local and multinational across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Our Philosophy

We are sensitive to the evolving trends in the commercial environment.

We are reactive to clients’ needs in achieving practical and effective legal solutions to increasingly challenging and complex business demands.

Our vision is clear – to be the law firm of choice for businesses investing or operating in Malaysia, adding value through our know-how, commitment, global perspective, leadership and passion for innovation.

Our priority is our clients. We view every working relationship as a long-term partnership. We respond to clients’ needs through close cooperation, and being wholly committed to exploring every avenue to find the best and most practical solutions.

Professional collaboration and exchanges with international counterparts, foreign correspondents and lawyers strengthen our position as a leading business law firm. We are equipped with the resources and capabilities to meet the requirements of local and foreign clients.

Our lawyers practice to the highest possible standards of excellence and integrity, backed by outstanding academic achievements and technical abilities. Our people are also distinguished by their passion for what they do and pride in making a difference. Ours is an environment which fosters enthusiasm, success is shared and we interact openly with respect at all levels. We are a place which provides exceptional opportunities and attracts the brightest potential.